Relyon Pocket Memory Ultima

Mattress Features

1500-single-PK-springs Pocketed springs
1500 in a 150x200cm (5ft) mattress.
Pocketed springs shape perfectly to individual body contours due to each spring having its own independent action.
  white-fibre Soft White Fibre
A dust free filling providing softness and resilience.



one-tension Spring Tension
Available in one tension only.
  ICONwoolTufts Traditionally Hand Tufted with Felt Tufts
This traditional skill ensures all loose fillings are secured to provide the perfect finish to your mattress.
no-turn No Turn
No need to turn the mattress, although regular rotation will extend its life.
  ICONstiching 3 Rows of  Side Stitching
Provides a more robust mattress border than a standard mattress.
memory-foam Memory Foam 50mm
Supportive layer of memory foam conforms perfectly to body contours, to reduce stress and relieve aches and pains.
  cool-comfort Cool Comfort
Cool Comfort is a unique highly permeable fibre woven into the mattress fabric. It allows air to pass through and wicks moisture away from your skin, helping to maintain yourbody temperature to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.
reflex-foam Resilient Foam
Provides a resilient and supportive surface feel.
  5-year-guarantee 5 Year Guarantee
For your peace of mind, Relyon offer a 5 year guarantee on alll mattresses purchased with a divan base.

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